Is Briana Wallace Headed to the East Coast?

Coach Eric Poullard often talks about popcorn poppin' when referring to players maturing at different stages. There is no shortage of popcorn in this bag as Poullard has yet another player attracting lots of attention from schools across the US, specifically Ivy League schools. Briana Wallace is an outstanding athlete who now showcases her skills on Steve Evredge and Jim Hughes's Firecrackers DFW-EH team. Briana has that rare combinaiton of size, speed and explosiveness to go with an incredible work ethic. "Briana isn't the tallest softball player but she is a powerfully built machine... Then she works harder than anyone I know. How she maintains a 4.0 in those AP classes is crazy... She's always working!" says Coach Eric.

Briana attends All Saints Episcopal High School in Fort Worth Texas where she's continued to be an excellent student, maintaining close to a 4.0 gpa. She's also an elite basketball and softball player for All Saints, showing tremendous strength of character after tearing her ACL during a basketball game early in her sophomore year. After a tough seven month rehab, Briana was back on the basketball court, leading her team on the floor as a team captain. But softball is where her true love lies and that affection for the game propelled her though rehab. "I only worrried that I wouldn't be as fast as I was before," said Bri. Huh... the kid came back stronger and faster.

Her talent and testimony of resilienccy have not escaped college coaches needing speed, speed and more speed. If not for the ACL injury a year ago, this super athletic catcher/center field prospect would already be committed to her top choice school. Over two dozen schools are currently following Bri with many of those schools inviting her to visit campus this spring. Her academic accomplishments at a high school known for producing some of the best scholars, has attracted Ivy League programs and other top academic schools around the country. Bri is open to taking her talents out-of-state. It's looking more like she will be somewhere in the northeast. "Bri will help some coach earn a raise. She's a heckuva ball player who works on the work. Then she brings poise and a great attitude. I'm glad to still be a part of her development." Coach Eric is proud of all his current and former players but he lights up when talking about Bri. "She got it all started - the hard work, being a student athlete, the sacrifices, the maturity... maturation catches up with skills, you know?" The next four months will be busy for Briana and her travel teammates. Perhaps with a good visit this spring or early summer she'll have a new challenge with her sights on becoming an All-Conference Player her freshmen year of college. No one will be surprised.

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